Annual District Report

The State of the Schools Report, an annual report on student performance, demographics and district information.


The South Sioux City Community Schools is a progressive district in northeast Nebraska. With the communities of South Sioux City and Dakota City, we partner in learning with just over 3900 Preschool - 12th grade students and their families in a rigorous, collaborative educational journey, designed to support the needs of the whole child, in preparation for future college & career opportunities. We have one Preschool-K building, five K-5 elementary schools, a 6-8 middle school, and a 9-12 high school with an alternative setting. We celebrate and benefit from our diversity, which includes many English Learners. Our staff of almost 350 certified and 200+ classified, engage students in excellent and relevant learning experiences, reflecting the district's mission: South Sioux City Community Schools, in partnership with families & community, provides a safe & supportive learning environment where each student is uniquely prepared, and thrives academically, socially, and personally.

2016-2017 Nebraska Education Profile  (NEP) for South Sioux City Community Schools
DISTRICT ID : 22-0011-000

  • Graduation Rates
  • Enrollment numbers for State of Nebraska Membership (Prekindergarten - 12th Grade)
  • Free Reduced Lunch
  • English Lanquage Learners
  • Teacher Information / Demographics
  • Financial Receipts
  • Financial Expenditures

Historical Information:


    Click here to view the enrollment trends for the last ten years in PDF.


    Click here to view the Special Education Programs trends
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     Click here to view the free and reduced trends for the last ten years in PDF.





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Updated: January 4, 2015