April 12th PD and Last Day of School

published March 26, 2019

April 12th  -  Professional Development Information

April 12th will be an important day with a variety of opportunities for staff to grow together. The day has been planned to provide choice as well as needed professional development and collegial networking.  Below you will find a link to the schedule for April 12th.

April 12th Professional Development Plan

Please note:

  • Teachers are able to volunteer for a session at the District Music Contest.
  • Special Education and English Learner (EL) Para's are required to participate in training and assigned duties that day.
  • All other para-educators and sign language interpreters will need to communicate with their building principal and have the option to work if duties exist.
  • Secretaries, custodians and maintenance employees will work as regularly scheduled.

Last Day of School for Students and Staff

The last day of school for students remains Thursday, May 23rd with a noon dismissal.  The last day for contracted staff will now be Tuesday, May 28th.  We plan to offer professional development opportunities with some flex time on the employee contract days of May 24th and May 28th.   We are working on a schedule and plan to share more information on how those days will look after April 12th.

Strategic Plan

Thank you all for your participation in the district strategic planning process. Please know that the school board, administration and NASB are finalizing a communication piece to be shared in the near future containing results from all our stakeholders. More collaborative work will then occur to prioritize themes in the feedback and utilize the voice of all our stakeholders guiding next steps for our district . The end product will be a new 3 year strategic plan from NASB in which the board and Superintendent will use to guide our future decisions during the spring/summer planning process. It is an exciting time for our district!


Thanks for your attention and have a fantastic week!

Mr. Todd Strom
Superintendent South Sioux City Schools