Pk-8th Grade 100% Virtual Learning to End on Oct. 16th

published September 25, 2020

Happy Friday Cardinals!

Thank you for a great week! Next week promises to be even more exciting!  We will celebrate Homecoming  in Cardinal Nation and it will look a little different this year. Here is a link to information on Homecoming, the Football Game and Coronation.  Your principal will share with you how your building is celebrating Homecoming 2020.  #GoCards  #Hoco2020 


Here are a few informational items, updates and reminders from the week:


  • Our PK-8th grade students participating in the 100% virtual instruction will move back to the regular in-person classroom learning environment beginning with quarter two.  Quarter two is scheduled to start on Monday, October 19th.

    • Information was shared with the teachers and staff yesterday

    • Principals are meeting with the teachers impacted to create a transition plan

    • Virtual families will receive a call and email tonight 

    • Information will be shared with all families tomorrow via email

    • More details and a transition plan will be shared next couple week

  •  Elementary Reading Implementation:

    • A reading curriculum support team meeting was held on Tuesday, September 22nd after school at the College Center.  Approximately 30  teachers and principals joined us live or on Zoom.  We welcome all teachers to join this team and be involved in decisions. Please respond to this email if you would like to be included on our invite list and involved in this important work. 

      • The team discussed the charge, responsibilities, meeting times/frequency and the composition of the team. The team will meet monthly for two hours.

      • Agenda Items included: body of evidence, assessment planning, MTSS processes and upcoming professional learning opportunities.

      • We are refining our process for two-way communication involving the implementation. Teachers, principals and district administration were all supportive of this approach to share information. 

    • The “Great Minds” website is where the teacher editions and other great resources reside.  Every teacher should have one of these accounts if you teach K-5 ELA.

  • Apply to College Week is this week.  Here is a link to the online college fair and there is much more information on the High School Guidance and Scholarships webpage

  • The Dakota County Star has an insert this week called “The Road to College”.  They have it posted on their website and you can read it and share it for free.  

  • Check out the “Excellence in Education Fund - TEACHER MINI-GRANT PROGRAM”.  It is due Nov. 1.

  • A couple items from Eliza Crim, Technology Facilitator

    • There is a “Using Pear Deck” Toolkit that will be offered at the dates of Sept. 29 & Oct. 1.  Check out the email sent to everyonex on Monday, September 21st for more information or click here to register:

    • Eliza has a Google document packed with helpful links.  Check it out and add it to your favorites: 2020-2021 Instructional Tech Links

  • FYI: Google Drive trash items will be automatically deleted after 30 days starting on October 13, 2020. Learn more…

  • The health department shared a new COVID-19 School Investigations flyerWhen to Isolate, Quarantine or Self-Monitor? [Updated on 9/21/20]

  • Launch Nebraska has added a few new items since school has started.  Check it out:

  • Please help us get the word out to students and parents that the school meals are now free through December.  Please read the announcement on our website or check one of the emails sent earlier this week. We could use all the help we can get to encourage more families to fill out the free/reduced application form.

  • All SSC Elementary buildings were awarded a grant through the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP).    The program has been successful in introducing elementary school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample.  As of right now, most elementary buildings plan to start their FFVP snack breaks on Tuesday, September 22nd.   Each building has or will share out the details and plan.

  • The Lab Confirmed Stats document is located on the hub (and on our website).  


As we move into the weekend, wishing you and your families an enjoyable and relaxing few days together! Keep up the good work, stay together and Go Cards!


Todd Strom
South Sioux City Community Schools
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