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Grab-n-Go Breakfast and Lunch

Grab-n-Go Breakfast and Lunch on MONDAYs and THURSDAYs only at Dakota City Elementary, Cardinal Elementary & Covington Elementary The delivery sites are the following: Lake Village Mobile Home Park, Siouxland Estates, Canterbury Village, Riverfront Apartments & Klasey Park baseball field

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Superintendent's Corner
Important Information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Families, South Sioux City Community Schools and the Dakota County Health Department are aware that our local Spec... Read More

– Mr. Todd Strom, Superintendent of Schools

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  • Parade

          On Tuesday, March 31st South Sioux City Community School staff will be doing a parade of cars around town. Staff will be driving through your neighborhoods from 1:00-2:00, and we a... Read More

  • Prom & Graduation Decisions

    As we continue to navigate our current closure guidelines, questions regarding prom and graduation continually come up as top-of-mind discussion points.  We understand the importance of these events... Read More

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