MS Teachers Chad Beckius & David Meiske received a $1,672 CenturyLink Grant to purchase a Davis Weather Station

published May 1, 2018

South Sioux City Middle School Receives Grant from CenturyLink

The South Sioux City Middle School received a “CenturyLink Teachers and Technology Grant”
to purchase a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station to use in the STEM and
science classes. The weather station includes tools for measuring wind speed and direction,
rainfall, humidity, and ultraviolet and solar radiation. The Weatherlink IP Data Logger will allow
placement of weather data onto the school network for use in various other areas as well. Mr.
Chad Beckius and Mr. David Meiske researched and applied for the grant in early January.
Science teachers Mrs. Beth Kolbo and Mr. Joel Heineman were also involved in the application
process and are looking forward to using the technology in their instruction as well.
Students will engage in monitoring several weather conditions to use in various subject areas.
For example, in a 7th grade science class students can collect specific weather data for a period
of time, graph it, and use it to make projections for weather trends or forecasting. Over years of
collecting data, students can make climatological predictions about weather in our area. Another
example would be its use in the PE class where students can observe current weather
conditions to determine appropriate dress for the day's activity. Middle school STEM classes
would benefit from weather station and use its data to make predictions about how it will affect
the flight of a model rocket or a drone's flight path. Students who have exposure and access to
various forms of technology in the educational setting are more likely to experience positive
effects on their achievement. Weather is something that will impact all students' lives forever.
Learning about how it affects their lives and how to make changes to their plans based on
weather are important life skills.

This project allows the Middle School to introduce a completely new form of technology into
their instruction. They currently do not have any method of collecting weather data on the
campus. With access to this and different forms of technology, they hope to increase the
number of students engaged in the learning process. The South Sioux City Middle School
Students enjoy the use of technology in the classroom and the collaborative, hands-on activities
that can be incorporated with it.

Students using this technology can gain valuable skills in collecting, using and representing
data. These are lifelong skills that can help close the achievement gap, increase critical thinking,
and improve learning for students. Student achievement increases when learning is meaningful
and relevant to their lives. The weather station provides a tool to increase the relevance of
student learning.