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published July 20, 2020

2020-2021 School Calendar


Aug 13, 2020 - First Day Grades K-6 & 9; Half Day Students
Aug 14, 2020 - First Day K-12

No Back to School Registration Event this year.

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South Sioux City Community Schools


Back to School 2020-2021

We feel it is important to keep our stakeholders updated about plans for future education in South Sioux City Community Schools, specifically reopening this Fall.  Many of our staff, students and families continue to experience economic hardships, social isolation, and stress. The schools are a critical component of the South Sioux City and Dakota City communities. Education has a tremendous impact on the health, well-being, growth, and development of students and families. Education is a fundamental determinant of health because it cultivates life skills, knowledge and reasoning, social-emotional awareness and control, and community engagement, which serve people over the course of a lifetime. We realize our schools often function as a resource for addressing core needs such as nutrition, access to health services, social support and engagement of the community as a whole.

The spring of 2020 brought about unprecedented changes to our society and our education system. As we look forward to the 2020-21 school year, we have to anticipate and plan for the unknown.  District leadership has been working diligently this summer and continues to work closely with the local health officials, the teacher association, NDE and national experts on our reopening plan.  We have surveyed and gathered input from several stakeholder groups including staff, parents and community members. The present contingency plan includes different scenarios in a color coded matrix.  It is also a working model and constantly changing according to new data.



Dakota County / SSC Community Schools
Currently in Phase III - Moderate Risk

Currently we are operating in Phase III and that is the yellow color.  If we were to start school today we would operate using the directives or recommendations shown in the yellow column. If/when that changes we will change it above and communicate the change accordingly.

If Low Risk Moderate Risk High Risk Severe Risk
Based on county designation….
  • Phase IV

***Please note the Community Covid Dial may vary from the Dakota County Health Phases; for school purposes we will use the Dakota County Phases.***

  • Phase III
  • Phase II
  • Phase I

Health Measures

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Implement preventative practices and additional proactive measures i.e. good handwashing.
  • Face coverings optional
  • Teach & Reinforce good hygiene (handwashing, covering coughs)
  • Signage re: symptoms, preventative measures
  • Face coverings required for staff & students

Criteria for Self-Provided Face Coverings:

  • Cloth or disposable face covering 
  • Must cover the nose and mouth/chin
  • Must fit properly on individual
  • Face coverings required for staff & students
  • Schools closed

Elementary Schedule & Staffing

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  • Option for virtual, staffed across district
  • In person/typical instruction & staffing
  • Option for virtual, staffed across district
  • All students in school, according to ratio/health measures
  • Manage ratios and follow health measures noted.
  • Option for virtual, staffed across district
  • Students will attend in person and virtual in an alternating schedule.
  • Hybrid schedule aligned with identified priority populations (and Secondary alternating days, if workable). Schedule as needed to meet ratio, and considering student needs.
  • Full Virtual Remote Learning staffed across district
  • Maintain content/instructional focus as for hybrid schedule, but add synchronous virtual  in place of in-person on applicable days of week. Keeping ratios as low as possible to optimize student support, SEL and academic learning.

Secondary Schedule & Staffing

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  • Option for virtual; staffed as district, by dept/PLC
  • HS: Maintain alternating schedule, adding more in-person based on student needs.
  • MS: In person/typical instruction and staffing.
  • Option for virtual; staffed as district, by deptt/PLC
  • HS: Alternating M-W & T-Th In Person. Instructional content delivered asynchronously on “off” days; hands-on activities and direct teacher support on “on” days. Fridays remote learning with live student check-ins and extra academic support for identified students, based on support needs.
  • MS: In-person
  • Option for Virtual; staffed as district, by department/PLC
  • HS: Continue alternating schedule: instruction delivered asynchronously on “off” days; hands-on activities and direct teacher support on “on” days. May need to reduce in-person days to reduce ratio.
  • MS: Alternating schedule aligned with HS.
  • 1:1 “check-ins” with students for all levels for social-emotional and academic.
  • Virtual Remote Learning, all students. Staffed as district by department/PLC.
    • 1:1 “check-ins” with students; at least 2 x week, and “homeroom” class on “off” days

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Health and Safety Plan
Scheduling & Instruction Plan
Facilities Plan
Staff Return to Work Plan


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Information on this page and the reopening plan is subject to change.