Safe Return & COVID-19 Operating Plans

published July 20, 2020

Updated: July 2021

Health and Safety Plan

South Sioux City Community Schools Lab Confirmed COVID-19 Stats [Live Document]

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Dakota County / SSC Community Schools
Currently in Phase IV - Low Risk

Currently we are operating in Phase III and that is the geen color.  We are operating using the directives or recommendations shown in the green column. If/when that changes, we will change it above and communicate the change accordingly. The table below is a brief overview of the Health and Safety Plan.

If Low Risk Moderate Risk High Risk Severe Risk
Based on county designation….
  • Phase IV

***Please note the Community Covid Dial may vary from the Dakota County Health Phases; for school purposes we will use the Dakota County Phases.***

  • Phase III
  • Phase II
  • Phase I

Health Measures

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Implement preventative practices and additional proactive measures i.e. good handwashing.

Face coverings optional
Teach & Reinforce good hygiene (handwashing, covering coughs)
Signage re: symptoms, preventative measures
  • Face coverings required for staff and students. 

Criteria for Self-Provided Face Coverings:

cloth or disposable face covering 

Must cover the nose and mouth/chin

Must fit properly on individual

  • Face coverings required for staff and students. 
  • Schools closed
Then ...More Info

Schedule & Staffing

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In person learning for all student
  • Potential option for virtual, staffed across district (with deadline)
  • In Person available for all students.


Option 1: Hybrid, staffed across district. Students will attend in person and virtual in an alternating schedule.

Option 2: (Preferred Option) If a building can adjust classes to a 1:20 ratios in all Elementary Classrooms-- students would continue attending in person (staffed across the district).
  • Full Virtual Remote Learning staffed across district

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Information on this page and the reopening plan is subject to change.