Replay School Automated Messages You May Have Missed

published February 17, 2021

In the event you receive a message, but don’t hear the message in its entirety OR you accidently delete the message before you’ve listened to it, you can retrieve and replay the last messages by calling 1-855-4REPLAY (1-855-473-7529). The system will walk through a series of prompts to replay messages sent to the phone number from which you are calling.  Please note that you must call from the phone that received the Blackboard Connect message.

Please add 855-473-7529 to your contact list.

The caller ID of our automated calling system will be changed to 1-855-4REPLAY (1-855-473-7529), so when you miss one of our automated messages you can simply call back the number that called you to listen to the missed message.


If you inadvertently opted out your number, you can opt back in via the hotline number (1-855-473-7529). There are two different footer messages: one for an answering machine device, and one for live answer. The answering machine message directs you to the hotline number. When you call in, you will hear options similar to those in the live message. Below are the interactive voice responses for each.


To opt out of informational call, press 1
If you have previously opted out and wish to resume receiving calls, press 2
to repeat this menu, press 9
to change opt out preferences for another number, please call back using the phone associated with that number. 

If you want to add/change your number please contact the school office.