Summary of Lockout and Actions Today

published December 5, 2018

School safety is our number one priority.  At approximately 12:30pm today, (12/05/2018), a social media threat was reported by students. We treat all threats as if they are serious. Our school resource officers were notified and they immediately began an investigation.  The High School and Middle School went into a lock out as a precautionary measure.  The lockout continued throughout the investigation until the all clear was given at approximately 3:20pm.

After the investigation, police did not find this threat credible.  Making a threat against a public school can have serious legal and financial consequences for the perpetrator. At the very least, it disrupts the learning environment for the students and consumes staff resources.

In addition to the possibility of criminal charges, the suspect and his or her family could be liable for paying for the cost incurred during the investigation.

Please take a moment to remind your children that making any threat against a public school, business or other establishment is never a joke. The consequences can have a lifelong impact.

Knowledge of this threat was possible because students were willing to report a concern.   Please encourage your child to share information such as this with school authorities and/or use the Let’s Talk link on our website.

Thank you for your cooperation in making our schools safe places to learn.