TM Mentors Needed - Apply online Now

published March 22, 2019

We are in need of mentors for the teammate's program.  We have a ton of matches, but kids keep getting nominated, so we continue to look for mentors.  This is a good thing and we want students who need a mentor to be part of the program, but it is difficult to find mentors because once matched they stay with the student until they graduate.  If you know of anyone (husband, wife, parent, grandparent, neighbor, friend...) who is good with kids and can give 30-60 minutes of their time each week please have them fill out an application.  They can apply right onlineat it is all online now. They fill out the application for the state they live in but can check SSC for the school they want to volunteer with. 
Mentors are matched with students who have common interests and other than finding the time, it is an easy thing to do to make a big impact on a student's life.  
So please think about anyone you may know who would like to be a teammate and share the information with them or have them contact me for information. Thanks!!!
Lorrie Akins