Nutrition Services / Lunch Program


Breakfast and hot lunch are served at all South Sioux City School locations.  Payments may be deposited into your child’s account any day of the week.  Extra milk may also be purchased.  You will be notified when your balance is of concern.

All families are encouraged to complete the Free/reduced Lunch application form. Some parents may qualify to receive free or reduced price meals for their children.  Free/reduced lunch application forms are available in all school buildings and here on the school web site.  Please drop the completed form off at the School Administration Office (210 W. 39th St) or at any SSC School location.  You can also mail it to the address listed on the form. 

Family Lunch Account:  Family Lunch Account (Pay)

First time users, the first thing you need to do is contact the Nutrition Office at 402-494-8429 or email to receive a family key.  Do not attempt to create an account until you have a family key. This is a 16-digit number so be prepared to write it down.

Below you will find information regarding lunch menus:

2019-2020 Meal Prices

Online Payment Link:

Upon the start of the 2019-2020 school year, your school breakfast and lunch menus will be digital, and enhanced with several great features:

  • Immediate translation to any language
  • Recipe details and photos
  • Immediate nutritional data including carbohydrate and protein counts on every menu item
  • Allergens for menu items available online
  • Great information about features of your student’s program are available on the side on the menu just by clicking the links

Extra Entrée – Extra Milk
All Students, at an extra cost, can purchase an additional entrée or milk offered as part
of the school lunch program. For example if a student wants a second entrée, or an
additional entrée, like a slice of pizza, then that entrée can be selected in the lunch line
and charged to the student’s account. Extra entrees are only sold to students who first
purchase a school lunch. Again, all students can have extra servings of canned fruit,
fresh fruit and fresh vegetables at no charge. All extra servings of these items are free.
If a student receives free or reduced meals they may receive one entrée with their meal
but they must have money in their account to purchase any extra entrees.

School Lunch Account
Each Student is issued a unique 4-digit PIN, used to access his/her lunch account,
just like a debit card. Credit card payments are accepted online via the SSC web page.
Cash, Check, or Money Orders should be made out to SSC Schools Food Service.

Diet Modifications
Families are responsible for notifying the School Food Service if their child requires a diet
modification because of a life threatening disability. A licensed physician must provide
specific written medical documentation. Please contact the School Food Service office
for more information.

Chef Entrée
Each month, Lunchtime Solutions’ school chef will visit South Sioux City Middle School & High School to prepare a special entrée, giving students an additional healthy, contemporary meal choice. The entrée is available as an a la carte entrée for $2.25. For this meal only, students have the option of purchasing the Fruit & Veggie bar separately for $1.85 and milk for $0.45. The entrée can also be purchased in addition to a regular complete meal. You must have money in your account to purchase the Chef Entrée.

Join Us
Please feel free to join your child for a meal on any day. The cost for an adult lunch is $3.95. We hope to see you soon!

Contact Us
Lunchtime Solutions is proud to be the new provider for the coming school year (2019-2020). We hope the information provided on this page will answer many of your questions regarding school lunches and the Free/Reduced Lunch Program. If you need further assistance, please call our office at 402-494-8429 (Nutrition Services Office).

Director of Food Service - Mike Penne -  402.412.2821

Assistant Food Service - Director Rose Stanley - 

If you have any additional concerns about the program, please feel free to contact Nicholas Lucart, Area Director at 712-454-9246 or at