Reaching Independence through Stuctured Environments (RISE)

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder display a variety of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe with a wide scope of strengths and needs. Individual Education Plans (IEP) for these students are designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Members of IEP teams typically include: parents, general education teachers, special education teachers, speech language clinicians, and occupational therapists. Additional special education staff, including physical therapists, vision, hearing, and assistive technology consultants, are members of teams as appropriate. Educational plans address communication, academics, social skills, behaviors, motor skills, and sensory needs.

Supports and resources are available to IEP teams both within the district and by accessing the Nebraska Department of Education Autism Spectrum Disorders Network.

For additional information please contact:
Rebecca Eckhardt
Student Services Director
402-494-2440; Rebecca.eckhardt@ssccards.org