Blend-Ed Toolkit

Below you will find your very own personal technological tool kit. Please test out some tools and see how you can apply them. 

*All of the following are FREE to use. Some have extra features you may pay for if you'd like to* 

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Students and teachers share on an online "bulletin board" 

Create presentations and share visual ideas 

Create digital lessons and assignemnts

5 reasons to use Blendspace

  1. Create digital lessons in 5 minutes
  2. Personalize learning with interactive lessons
  3. Save time by collecting all digital resources in one place
  4. Monitor students understanding with quizzes and disucssion
  5. Free platform and students self enroll with a code 

Language learning tools 

Quiz-based tools

  • BrainRush - Create, share, and play educational games 
  • BrainGenie - Quiz builder for math and science 
  • Studyblue - Find study guides, flashcards,  or quizzes for all subjects 
  • Quizlet - Find quizzes, flashcards, games, or build your own
  • Kahoot! - Find or create fun interactive group learning games 
  • Quizizz
  • Plickers

Reading & Writing tools 

Video-based tools

- "With EDpuzzle teachers can select videos, edit them down, assign them to students, and quiz them as they watch"

- Click here for a guide on using EDpuzzle

- "My first thought when I saw VideoNotes was that it would be a great tool for students to use to take notes, ask questions, and answer questions while watching "flipped" instruction videos. You could assign a video for homework and have your students ask and or answer questions using VideoNotes. Have students share their notes with you so that you can see their questions which in turn can influence how you structure your next lesson plan" 

- A free service that allows you to build online discussions around videos hosted online and videos that you have saved on your computer. After you have selected a video from YouTube or uploaded a video of your own, you can post poll questions and add comments that are tied to points in the video.