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What are we noticing about the quality of today’s workforce?


Business: “Students are coming to us lacking the pre-requite skills…”
Colleges/Universities: “Students are coming to us lacking the skills that are required to successfully complete college-level courses…”
Community: “Students are lacking skills to successfully contribute back to society…”
Schools: “We can’t address everything...”
Students: “People don’t understand the pressure…”
Initial Goals
• Create strong partnerships
• Nurture students’ interests and promote college and career readiness
• Provide a variety of experiences
• Generate a sustainable plan of action that can be monitored and reinforces a collective commitment


Visit to Sioux Falls Career and Technical Education Academy  March 12th, 2014

A group of area business and community leaders went on this trip.

Visit to to Grand Island to visit the Career Pathways Institute -  February 19th, 2014

A different group of teachers, administrators and community leaders went on this second trip.









Follow up Meeting/reViSION Part IV - February 4, 2014

Visit to Sioux Falls Career and Technical Education Academy  Jan. 15th, 2014








Follow up Meeting/reViSION Part III - December 12, 2013


Meetings - Spring 2013
Developing a Shared Vision and Collective Commitments
•April 30th – Introduces concept of college and career readiness 
•Tuesday, May 14th – Describes how our school district is addressing college and career readiness
•Tuesday, May 28th – Develops strong partnerships around agreed-upon goals
•Tuesday, June 11th – Creates a plan of action generated through active partnerships

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