High School

Fishing Club

Contact: Larry Simon (Room 822 at South Sioux City High School)
Katie Konz (Room 702 at South Sioux City High School)

Oct 12th Outing at Crystal Cove

SSC Fishing Club on Twitter @SSCFishing

SSC Fishing Club Rules and Guidelines
- Fishing club is open to all students.
- Members must be in good standing at SSC High School following the rules and policies governing extracurricular activities.
- Members demonstrate RESPECT for ourselves and others at all times.
- Members practice ethical and safe fishing at all times.
- Members leave our fishing grounds in better condition than when we started.

A Fishing Club Special Recognition goes to: Keith Rector, Suzie Rector, Devlin Bertrand, Joe Krajicek, Tom Luxford, and Pat Driscoll. Thank you for all you've done for the Fishing Club. Your help and donations have made it a big success.

 Sept. 21 Outing at Gateway Lake