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Middle School
3625 G Street
South Sioux City, NE 68776

Tom McGuire - Principal (tom.mcguire@ssccards.org)

Chris Erickson - Assistant Principal (Chris.Erickson@ssccards.org)

Allyson Olson - Director of Programs (allyson.olson@ssccards.org)

Pat Bernstrauch - Bookkeeper (pat.bernstrauch@ssccards.org)
Jeri Bowman - Receptionist (jeri.bowman@ssccards.org)
Deb Lethcoe - Attendance Secretary (deb.lethcoe@ssccards.org
Suzie Nelson - Office/Guidance Secretary (suzie.nelson@ssccards.org

Phone: 402-494-3061
Fax (402) 494-8427

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