Middle School Counseling Department

Middle School Counseling Department

Why Middle School Counselor?

Middle school counselors implement the counseling program by providing:

School Guidance Curriculum:
    Academic skill support
    Organizational, study and test-taking skills
    Coping strategies
    Substance abuse education

Individual Student Planning:
    Education in understanding of self, including strengths and

Responsive Services:
    Individual and small group counseling
    Individual/family/school crisis intervention

System Support:
    Professional development
    Program management and operation

For more information please contact the school's counselors:

6th Grade, Debbie McCloy - debbie.mccloy@ssccards.org

7th Grade, Kelli Rahn - kelli.rahn@ssccards.org

8th Grade, Ryan Vondrak - ryan.vondrak@ssccards.org

































































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