This week I am proud to share an email from Ed Akins, our SSC Activities Director, received from a visiting coach at our homecoming football game last Friday evening.  It reinforces that great acts by our students, community members, coaches, teachers, staff and administrators are noticed by others.  There is a popular quote that states, “ If you have class, you don’t need much of anything else.  If you don’t have it, no matter what else you do have matters.”  I have found this true in all the teams that I have been associated with as a player, teammate, coach, administrator and father.  Winning is always the ultimate goal in competition but only lasting if the process models a game plan for life for those involved with the game.  As you read the following email, I feel good as a superintendent, parent and member of the South Sioux City Community because we are modeling the behaviors that will set our young people on a path of personal  success regardless of numbers on a scoreboard. Thank you all for the role you play throughout our community to grow the children of South Sioux City Community Schools!

The email as received by Mr. Ed Akins:


“Huge shout out to South Sioux City High School last night. Just an incredible, positive vibe from their community. People getting along, supporting their team in all situations, everyone singing at the top of their lungs for national anthem, and their kids played their guts out. Best part: Cougars were invited to join an appx. 80-person-gathering at mid-field after the game (players, coaches, parents, fans) for a prayer led by Fellowship of Christian Athletes and SSC's team captain. Class. Unity. Dignity. Sportsmanship. Pride. One of the most upstanding opponents I've faced in 21 years of coaching. Well done, Cardinals.

Please pass along my compliments and thanks to your coaches and kids. You guys are doing everything the right way from my perspective. Keep up the good work and thanks for your hospitality. All my best.”

Mr. Shelby Sweetmon

Director - Omaha Quarterback Academy

Asst. Coach - D.G.H.S. Varsity Football

Teacher - Business Education

Dean - House of Middleton

Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School