I would like to express how excited I am that you will be part of our staff for the 2018-19 school year and congratulate you on the opportunity to impact students in this great school district of South Sioux City! We are proud of our returning staff and elated to welcome those new to our family; I am grateful we are on the same team!
I hope you were able to get some summer rest, restore balance and energize yourselves.  Please use that  energy to exude optimism. Nine out of 10 people say they are most motivated by positive leadership.  We know we will face challenges in our profession, but I have faith that together we will always keep kids first and collaborate to help each other thrive at a higher level.  I also applaud the many who continued your education and continued to grow professionally over the summer.  The top leaders are those who are positive, find joy in the successes of others and embrace lifelong learning.  Our South Sioux City Schools staff is filled with leaders such as this. Please find time to share your knowledge with each other and welcome collegial growth   opportunities as they arise throughout the year. Our staff is filled with wisdom, expertise and experience.

I, the school board, directors, and administrative team, just as many of you also have done, worked hard over the summer to establish a strong strategic plan, self-assess and clarify our vision.  We understand that teachers are the heart of this vision and our students are the benefactors of our efforts.  I approach our work not only from the position of superintendent, but also from the eyes of a parent. My own children are in the classes of our great teachers each day and I could not be more confident that they are receiving an outstanding education.

Please know that you have the most important job in the world.  Our South Sioux City parents count on us and appreciate the effort and care given daily while educating our most precious resource, our children.
As a district leadership team, we understand that the PLC process is a key factor in our continued success.  This year, we want to allow staff to grow best practices through PLCs and ultimately impact our student achievement.  We want students to collaborate and be innovative in solving real world problems. Therefore, we as teachers must be able to do the same to lead in this endeavor, which we know involves time and  resources from the district.  The power of collective leadership among our staff is very evident.  Our goal as district leadership is to allow the collaboration and development from shared staff expertise to be supported and flourish in our PLC environment.   Research assembled by the Wallace Foundation shows that collective leadership has a much greater influence on student achievement than individual leadership.  There is truth in the old saying, “the strength of the pack is in the wolf and the strength of the wolf is in the pack.” We have experienced evidence of that work and will continue to support stretching student growth to the next level.
Once again, congratulations and thank you for being a member of our dynamic South Sioux City Schools team!  I wish you all the best this school year and look forward to celebrating many achievements this together as Cardinals!
Mr. Todd Strom
Superintendent South Sioux City Schools