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An important video message from Mr. Strom

Please watch this important two minute message from the District Superintendent  regarding protests, walkouts, and demonstrations:

At the South Sioux City School District - safety, diversity and respect are important behaviors in our schools. We expect it of all students and staff.  The school district has the responsibility to the community to maintain an effective learning environment.   We encourage all students to engage in conversations regarding any concerns they have in the following manner:

  • Visit with a classroom teacher
  • Schedule a meeting with a school counselor
  • Set up a meeting with your building principal

We have provided a specific Let’s Talk on our district website. Please use the form if you feel like you have a concern you wish to report and prefer not to use the above methods.

  • All protests, walkouts, and demonstrations shall be forbidden in the schools and on school grounds.  Students who engage in any protests, walkouts, or demonstrations may be subject to disciplinary consequences.
  • Any student who fails to abide by the principal’s terms or directives may be subject to disciplinary consequences.
  • School-sponsored activities planned by the students and faculty shall be in conformance with board policies.

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness) Alliance
The IDEA Alliance is a student-led organization whose role is to address issues of unity and awareness at South Sioux City High School.