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New Bus Route Identifier System

Mid-Year Transportation Letter

South Sioux City Community Schools (SSCCS) is committed to doing our part to ensure that every student is at school every day, and the transportation program is an integral part of that process.  SSCCS contracts and partners with Durham School Services for busing services.  Together, we are committed to providing safe and efficient busing to our students.  

SSCCS has more than twenty bus routes transporting students to and from school each day. Beginning in January 2021, we will be implementing a new route identifier system to make it easier for both parents and students to identify buses.  Each regular route will have a picture of an animal (such as Orange Cat or Pink Pig) next to the entry door.  We encourage you to talk to your students about the symbol on their bus and how to know which bus they should ride on.  Pictures of all route identifiers can be found on the district website.  

The identifier on each bus will be a colored animal. 



As we start the second semester, below are a few reminders regarding student transportation: 


  • If your student will not be riding the bus, please notify Durham School Services by calling 402-494-4338.

  • For our youngest riders, it is helpful if your student knows his/her first and last name and is comfortable telling this to the bus driver.  Please practice this with your student.

  • Students are required to wear face coverings on the bus and to sanitize their hands prior to entering the bus.  If your student forgets their face covering, a mask will be provided to your student by the bus driver.  

  • Consolidated bus stops are utilized for elementary, middle and high school students in order to transport numerous students safely and efficiently.  This means that students may need to walk down the road a little to catch the bus in the morning or to get home after school.  

    • Please make sure your student is at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to arrival time.

    • Trains, traffic and weather may cause a bus to be late on occasion.  Please have your student wait 10 minutes after pickup time in case the bus is late.  If the bus is more than 10 minutes late, parents may call Durham to inquire about the status of the bus.  

    • Please make sure your student dresses appropriately for winter weather so that they are able to wait at the bus stop.  Buses may not be able to wait for students who wait for the bus inside their house.  

  • Bus stop times are approximate and subject to change during the school year.  

    • If changes to bus routes occur, communication will be sent out to you in various formats.  These include mail, phone calls, text and/or letters sent home with your student.  Please check with your school to ensure your contact information is current.  


Additional information regarding student transportation can be found on the district website at:  Please visit the website to view bus route and rules information, to view pictures of the new route identifiers and to pay your bus fees. 


Please contact your student’s school or Durham Student Services at 402-494-4338 with any questions.