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Greetings Sophomores & Parents!

This year Jostens was unable to meet with your Sophomore student in person.  In previous years we were able to introduce some of the new designs and traditional class jewelry options in a class meeting. The good thing is we are still going to have the opportunity for your student to purchase a class jewelry item.

Sophomore Order Day is November 23rd!  Although COVID doesn't allow for Jostens to help you in person to place your Class ring order.  We are asking to place your order directly online at

Sophomores, don't forget about your FREE gift if you decide to purchase a class jewelry item!  You will receive a choice of Custom Adidas Backpack or Performance hoodie but your order has to be place no later than November 23rd! 


Packets are available in Mrs. Johnson's room 705,  the counseling office, and the main office in the high school.

Click on Video for ordering and what is new this year. Please feel free to call our office at 1-800-Jostens for any questions or email our office directly.   THANK YOU!

 please click here to view your personalized video


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