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The South Sioux City Master Brand or District Logo is comprised of two elements, the logo symbol and logo type. The Logo Symbol is the powerful image of the cardinal, which is much beloved and historic, evoking the culture of the city and the school district.

The Logo Type has been carefully chosen for its modern and yet refined, highly legible style. The typeface is a Google font called Poppins and has been chosen to compliment and balance perfectly with the logo symbol.

The Master District Logo is presented through the use of color as well as shape and form. The primary district colors are Red and White. It is a fresh and appealing blend chosen for their strong combination - modern - classic - timeless.

There will be two official versions, one horizontal and one vertical.


The Logo Symbol
The historical elements of the “C” and the Cardinal Head remain, however the “C” has been modernized so that is it a standard width all around.

The Logo Title
The Brand Name. South Sioux City Community Schools is in black. The font that is used here is Poppins.


The “Angry Bird” is a traditional and well-loved mark and is powerful image of the cardinal as a fierce competitor.


This logo version represents all sports. Using the “Angry Bird” as the primary icon, “SSC” is in red with a black outline in Poppins font.

This logo alludes to our past with a script font,Brush Script MT Italic. This script font is in red.


Brand Standards Manual for South Sioux City Community Schools [PDF]

For further information please contact:
Lance Swanson
Director of Communication and Community Engagement
P: 402.494.2425