Student Services

Cardinal House

South Sioux City Community Schools offers an exceptional transition program with a wide variety of job training and work experience sites throughout the Siouxland area. Students in the program are approximately 16 to 21 years of age. The Transition Department has a daytime workshop where students learn work and employments skills and where students have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for independent living; and many internship and job sites.

The South Sioux City High School Transition Program provides opportunities to live, work, interact socially, and access leisure activities in the community so that comfortable routines and relationships can be established. The Transition Department’s staff is committed to the premise that all people need support from coworkers, neighbors, and friends, and the staff's job is to network with and support these community members to ensure that this happens.

Our mission at the Cardinal House is to teach the students job related skills. 

These skills are our Target Goals:

  • Following directions
  • Getting along with others
  • Cleaning up

Address:  400 East 33rd Street, South Sioux City NE 68776