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Health Services


Mission Statement:

"Qualified caring health professionals delivering holistic health care and empowering South Sioux City school district students, staff, and families to achieve their full potential."

Belief Statements:  

  • A holistic health care approach includes the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and developmental dimensions of each individual
  • As valued leaders in the community, school nurses are critical to the success of the school district mission   
  • Establishing trusting relationships is essential to providing health education and services within the South Sioux City community.  
  • Students with special health care needs can be successful in school by receiving quality individualized services provided by the health services team.   
  • Modeling is an effective learning strategy for educating students, staff, and families about healthy lifestyles.

Health Service Staff:

Jaime Lenz: RN, BSN, NCSN
Middle School
(402) 494-3061
Linda Weitzel: RN
Harney (402) 494-1446
Dakota City (402) 987-3363
Bridget Conley: RN
High School
(402) 494-2433
Vidi Vizcarra: Health Clerk
E.N. Swett
(402) 494-3501
Rita Sandman: RN
Cardinal Elementary
(402) 494-1662
Stephanie Teply: Health Clerk
Lewis & Clark Elementary
(402) 494-1917
Sindia Muniz: Health Clerk
Harney Elementary
(402) 494-1446
Stephanie Ochoa: RN, BSN
Covington Elementary
(402) 494-4238


Sick Student Policy

Too Sick for School/Muy Enfermos para Asistir a la Escuela 

Information/Health Forms:

Rules and Regulations: