Attendance Information

One of the keys to student success is being in the classroom each and every day. In South Sioux City we are committed to offering the best educational program possible. We believe that school attendance is vitally important to academic success and to our overall plan for school improvement. If students are not in attendance they miss out on valuable instruction, class discussion, and lessons that lay the groundwork for future achievement.

The State of Nebraska has a compulsory attendance code that requires a child be in attendance each school day for the entire time instruction is provided.

The South Sioux City Community Schools has a system of supports in place to support our students and families in getting to school each and every day.  Click here to read a copy of our Attendance Support Plan (Español). A few highlights from the attached plan include:

  • All extended leave and vacations need to be approved by the building principal prior to the leave. Principals may approve up to four (4) consecutive days leave, but all leave beyond four (4) days will be counted as unexcused.
  • When a student has accumulated five (5) absences the compulsory attendance law requires that school districts mail a letter of notification to the parent or guardian.
  • When a student has accumulated eight to ten (8-10) absences and again at twelve to fifteen (12-15) absences we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your child’s attendance.
  • When a student has accumulated 20 absences the compulsory attendance code requires that school districts file a report with the county attorney.

It is our hope and intent that by providing education on the importance of daily school attendance and by working together with you as a team, we will be able to resolve school attendance issues before reaching 20 days of absences. For more information related to school attendance, please visit the following links:

 If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your building principal or my office.

Thank you for your partnership!

Rebecca A. Eckhardt
Director of Student Services


Attendance Documents:

  • Attendance Letter for Parents (English & Español)       Elementary | Secondary
  • Attendance Support Plan / Handout for Parents            English | Spanish