Planning Process

Operational Definitions (Terms)

Essential Standard: A standard or indicator that is agreed upon by the teachers at that grade level or in that content area as being one that has:

  • endurance
  • leverage
  • readiness

and is so important for students to know that teachers commit to doing everything possible to ensure that students master the standard before moving on to the next grade or course.

Proficiency Scale:      The proficiency scale clearly lists the skills and knowledge that students must demonstrate they have mastered in order to be considered proficient on a standard.  A Common Formative Assessment should be developed for each proficiency scale and used to measure proficiency on each Essential Standard.  Proficiency scales should be completed using the template found on Marzano’s website.

By the Student, By the Standard:   

  • Teachers and students work collaboratively
  • Student ownership
  • Teachers know what the standards are
  • Elementary students need certain skills/knowledge to get to the next level; all levels need to identify where students are at
  • Teachers need to know their students and where students are
  • Need to be clear about what proficiency is (e.g. Reading)
  • Provide multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency
  • Current reality of where the student is and what the student needs
  • Envision a roster to indicate when each student has mastered each Essential Standard