Cardinal Elementary

School Improvement

Cardinal Elementary Committees


Tammy Carson, Chair


Support TTTs
  • One Tabletop discussion per quarter
  • Determine rotation of who will attend 
Assist scheduling and overseeing drills
  • Ten fire, two tornado, one hard drill per semester 
Lead staff trainings 
Bullying Prevention
Build common language 
Feedback Loop at Staff Meetings 


Committee Members

Albert, Alissah
Beekman, Betty
Brown, Samantha 
Carson, Tammy
Chappelear, Teresa
Cole, Amy
Dailey, Mike
Hamstra, Emily
Mark, Janie
Martin, Cathy
Merchant, Celeste
Oswald, Dawn
Peralez, Anna

Peters, Amy

Presnell, Mary Beth



Lori McGuire, Chair


College & Career   Readiness 
At Home Reading Program/One School One Book (Title I   requirement)
  • First semester and second semester
Track and Field Day
  • Each classroom teacher will be responsible for an event
  • Team will coordinate ribbons for the event 
May Read-In
  • Team will determine a theme 
Student Celebration
  • Team will determine an incentive for the students
  • Office will order the incentive
Build common language-literacy
Feedback Loop at Staff Meetings


Committee Members

Bogue, Brinne
Book, Jenna
Freiberg, Stephanie
Horkey, Marsha
Jensen, Brenda
Manley, Joan
McGuire, Lori
Mogensen, Carey
Osten, Leann
Rininger, Alison
Sedivy, Nancy
Slate, Tyler
Tillman, Krista




Cardinal Elem. 2016-2017 Action Plan - Math
Cardinal Elem. 2016-2017 Action Plan - Reading/Vocabulary
Review Building Data
  • Determine Building School Improvement Goal
Facilitate “Using the Data”
Monitor Building and Grade-level Goals
Track student progress
Review/Report Analysis of Data to Staff
Support Staff with Best Practice Information Based on the   Needs 
Guide School Improvement Work
  • Identified in the Data
Provide feedback to PLC teams on SMART Goals 
Build Common Language
Feedback Loop at Staff Meetings


Committee Members

Albert, Alissah
Bosley, Jodi
Gerkin, Andi
Helt, Michelle
Hernandez, Lacey
Johnson, Jennifer
Konechne, Jolene
Meinen, Emilee
Meiske, Kris
Merchant, NiCole
Schultz. Amy
Swatek, Dan

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