Dakota City Elementary

About Us

Dakota City Elementary is a diverse family of individuals dedicated to maintaining a safe, productive and positive learning environment encouraging all children to be lifelong learners, while promoting a partnership with families, staff, and the community.  Our K-5 population of about 200 students has the opportunity to experience rigorous academic standards and achievement thriving in a school, family partnership.  

Elementary Handbook:  English / Spanish

Purpose Statement:

Dedicated to Children-Striving for a Successful Community of learners. 


Daily, at 8:00 a.m., the students lead the entire school in saying The Pledge of Allegiance.


A Language-Rich Home

Good news:  Strong language skills can make your youngster a better reader, writer, and all-around student.  Great news:  You can build those skills just by talking to your child.  Try these ideas:

  • Explain everyday activities like driving or cooking.  Hearing unfamiliar words in conversation will help your child understand words in books ("Please hand me the colander so I can drain the spaghetti").  Tip:  If he or she doesn't know the word, explain:  "This is a colander.  Water drains through the holes."                                           
  • Encourage your child to join family conversation.  Ask him or her questions to help him or her expand on his or her answers.  ("Why do you think so?"  "What else happened?")  He or she will learn to talk about events and give his or her opinions.


Bedtime Math

  For younger students, Bedtime math is a site whose goal is to make bedtime math as common as a bedtime story.  You can sign up for a free daily email of a math problem at http://bedtimemathproblem.org/about-us/.



  • Psychologically or physically causing harm of a less powerful person by a more powerful person.
  • Psychologically or physically intending to cause harm.
  • The repeated oppression of an individual.