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Fishing Club

Contact:  (Room 822 at South Sioux City High School)
(Room 702 at South Sioux City High School)

Oct 12th Outing at Crystal Cove

SSC Fishing Club on Twitter @SSCFishing

SSC Fishing Club Rules and Guidelines
- Fishing club is open to all students.
- Members must be in good standing at SSC High School following the rules and policies governing extracurricular activities.
- Members demonstrate RESPECT for ourselves and others at all times.
- Members practice ethical and safe fishing at all times.
- Members leave our fishing grounds in better condition than when we started.

A Fishing Club Special Recognition goes to: Keith Rector, Suzie Rector, Devlin Bertrand, Joe Krajicek, Tom Luxford, and Pat Driscoll. Thank you for all you've done for the Fishing Club. Your help and donations have made it a big success.

 Sept. 21 Outing at Gateway Lake