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Escape: Student Art & Writing Magazine

Sponsors:  Tammy Johnson or Angie Phillips‐Zobel

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Escape Magazine staff meets the last Tuesday of each month in Room 705 during Cardinal Time

What is Escape? It is a literary magazine composed of student writing. In the past, Escape took entries only from our SSC High School students. This year, we are changing the policy and we are excited. We are looking for poems, short stories, cartoons, essays and art work, not only from K-12 students, but from faculty as well. When you submit work, please place a title, the author’s first and last name, their grade level, and the teacher’s name at the top of the page.  We're taking entries until April 1
Again, any student can also submit creative writing & art pieces to be considered for publication.
Watch for the publication of the magazine this spring!

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