High School

Grading & Report Cards

  • Standards-referenced grading is the practice of measuring student progress by level of proficiency on academic standards in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and electives, as the outcome reporting of aligning classroom instruction to these standards.
  • A "Parents Guide to Standards-Referenced Grading  [PDF]
    • This document has a lot of information regarding our standards-referenced reporting system and helpful tables to aid in your understanding of how grades are calculated.
    Standards-Referenced Grading Table  [PDF]
    • This table describes how grades are transferred from a proficiency scales into a grade.  It also identifies how many points each grade is worth for your GPA calculation.
    Mock Report Card  [PDF]
    • This report card contains fake data and is intended to show you the different components of the new report card.  You will see that you still receive an overall course letter grade.  The new report card contains more information that the old one but doesn't omit any information that the previous report card contained.

Class Status Designation Brochure and Information