Lewis and Clark Elementary

About Us

At Lewis and Clark Elementary, we provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all our students. We treat ourselves and others with respect. We honor the diversity and unique strengths and talents of each of our students and dedicate our efforts to help them experience individual success.

Lewis & Clark Elementary School has an enrollment of approximately 260 students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Around 88% of the students at Lewis & Clark Elementary receive free or reduced lunches.

Our priority is to provide every student with high-quality, focused learning experiences every day. Our adults work in collaborative teams so that they can provide students with high quality educational experiences which focus on essential learning skills. We are dedicated to ensuring that students are actively engaged in learning. We also work with parents and community members to inspire children to become lifelong learners.

Lewis and Clark Elementary School celebrated its 50th birthday recently. Our school is named after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.  Lewis and Clark were explorers who were selected to lead the Corps of Discovery Expedition to the Pacific coast. Our students and staff consider themselves to be present day explorers.