Lewis and Clark Elementary


     Benjamin Schultz, Principal - ben.schultz@ssccards.org

     Jeanette Orduno, Secretary -

     Stephanie Teply, Health and Safety Paraprofessional - stephanie.teply@ssccards.org

     Rita Drieling, School Counselor - 

    Tammy Clodfelter, Psychologist -

    Holly Deforrest, Kindergarten - holly.deforrest@ssccards.org

     Stephanie Gengler, Kindergarten - stephanie.gengler@ssccards.org

     Kelli Bass, 1st Grade - kelli.bass@ssccards.org

     Angie Ricklefs, 1st Grade - angela.ricklefs@ssccards.org

     Jacque Beck, 2nd Grade - jacque.beck@ssccards.org

     Marica Meins, 2nd Grade - marica.meins@ssccards.org

     Kathy Sudtelgte, 3rd Grade - kathleen.sudtelgte@ssccards.org

     Holly Corcoran, 3rd Grade - holly.corcoran@ssccards.org

     Robin Johnson, 4th Grade - robin.johnson@ssccards.org

     Katie Schultz, 4th Grade - katie.schultz@ssccards.org

     Nicholas Kleve, 5th Grade - nicholas.kleve@ssccards.org

      Sarah Mogensen, 5th Grade - sarah.mogensen@ssccards.org

      Jennifer Schroeder, Literacy Support - jennifer.schroeder@ssccards.org

     Erica Bowman, Title I - erica.bowman@ssccards.org

     Amber Bricker, Title I - amber.bricker@ssccards.org

     Laddy Saavedra, ESL - laddy.saavedra@ssccardinals.org

     Maria Arana, ESL - maria.arana1@ssccards.org

     Holli Protexter, Special Education Teacher - holli.protexter@ssccards.org

     Heather Uhl, Special Education Teacher -

    Emily Renken, Special Education Teacher-  emily.renken@ssccards.org

    Cathy Teply, Speech Language Pathologist -  

     Caterina Noll, Instructional Coach - caterina.noll@ssccards.org

          Andrea Hsu, SAT Coordinator - andrea.hsu@ssccards.org

         Tami Schutt, Music - tami.schutt@ssccards.org

     Ann Zahourek, Technology - ann.zahourek@ssccards.org

     Trish Martin, PE - trish.martin@ssccards.org

     Jen Hanna, Art - jen.hanna@ssccards.org

     Addrianna Alcarez, Library Paraprofessional - @ssccards.org

     Lorena Azpeitia, Kindergarten Paraprofessional - lorena.azpeitia@ssccards.org

     Sheri Knight, Kindergarten Paraprofessional - sheri.knight@ssccards.org

     Letty Gonzalez, ESL Paraprofessional - letty.gonzalez@ssccards.org

      Alondra Magana-   

     Teresa Beatty , Custodian 

     Olivia Lupercio, Food Service

     Shawn Johnson, Food Service