Lewis and Clark Elementary

School Improvement

School Action Plans

Action Plan - Literacy

Action Plan - Math

2016-2017 Building Committees

School Improvement Program (SIP) Committee: Provide feedback to PLC teams on SMART goals, review building data, make big and small picture recommendations

Chair: Katie Schultz

Co-chair: Marica Meins

Kindergarten: Kayla Eriksen

First Grade: Angie Ricklefs

Second Grade: Marica Meins

Third Grade: Kathy Sudtelgte

Fourth Grade: Katie Schultz

Fifth Grade: Nicholas Kleve

SPED: Kelsey Paskert

Specials: Holly Corcoran

ESL: Maria Arana

Instructional Coach: Caterina Noll

Principal: Ben Schultz

Reading: Jennifer Schroeder

Celebrations/Community Connections: Be involved with PTO, staff social committee, student celebrations, college and career readiness, feedback loop

Chair: Erica Bowman

Kindergarten: Stephanie Gengler

First Grade: Kelli Bass

Second Grade: Jacque Beck

Third Grade: Laura Stephens

Fourth Grade: Robin Johnson

Fifth Grade: Kayla Merrill

SPED: Holli Protexter

Specials: Trish Martin, Rita Drieling, Suzanne Herbold

ESL- Laddy Saavedra

Reading- Jen Schroeder, Erica Bowman, Amber Bricker

Reading Committee: establish/oversee At-Home Reading Program, organize reading celebration, share Title I information with parents, complete Title I forms

Chair: Amber Bricker

Erica Bowman

Jennifer Schroeder


Safety Committee: Support TTTs, assist with scheduling and overseeing drills, lead staff trainings, bullying prevention, feedback loop

Chair:  Ben Schultz

Kayla Merrill

Stephanie Teply

Renae McInerney

Student Leadership Council

Chair: Nicholas Kleve

Erica Bowman

Kelli Bass

CPI Committee

Chair: Ben Schultz

Nicholas Kleve

Robin Johnson

Katie Schultz

Laddy Saavedra

Renae McInerney

Kelsey Paskert

Holli Protexter

Kayla Merrill

Rita Drieling

Teresa Hernandez

Joe Wanning


NENTA Support

Rita Drieling

SSCEA Representative

Kayla Merrill

Jacque Beck


Hy-Vee/Box Tops Collection

Robin Johnson

Katie Schultz


Food Bank

Erica Bowman

Jennifer Schroeder


SSCEA Leadership Team

Erica Bowman


Nicholas Kleve

Kathy Sudtelgte

Holly Corcoran

Marica Meins

Erica Bowman

Joe Wanning

Ben Schultz

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