District Facility Study

The Facility Study Introduction

A little over a year ago, I introduced information that the school district was in the process of conducting a facility study. Our approach to the facility study was a 3-phased process that took a look at the current condition of each school building, verified the program needs that support teaching and learning, and finally generated a master plan to address the facility needs that exist throughout the district. We just completed all three phases of the study and will soon begin the journey of collecting information from the community.

The South Sioux City Community School District does an excellent job of maintaining current facilities and works diligently to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. We are an excellent steward of the taxpayer’s dollar! However, as we took a closer look at our facilities we noticed they were beginning to show signs of wear and tear that naturally occur over the years. Examples include the middle school auditorium, heating and cooling systems, roofs, and the age of individual school buildings.

In addition, as we considered different programs to prepare all students for college and career, we noticed our students may not have the kind of facilities that are similar to those found in other school districts. Significant improvements should be considered if our students are expected to be on the same playing field as students in other school districts, and ensure our students have an environment that provides the experiences necessary to prepare them for college and the workforce.

The district is committed to making this a collaborative and inclusive process with the community of South Sioux City. As we finalize the remaining pieces of the study, your school district plans on coming to the community and spending time to visit about the future of the school district. The purpose for visiting with our community is; 1) to share information collected through the facility study and the program needs that exist throughout the district, 2) to collect and discuss ideas on what our community wants, and 3) to identify what our community will support as we consider improvements to their school district’s facilities.

In the meantime, please take a look at information found on our website and consider the areas you feel should be addressed in our facilities. I have attached a link to that information for your convenience. http://www.ssccardinals.org/resources/planning-process/district-facility-study