School Safety

The safety of our students and staff is one of the most important factors to a successful school district.  South Sioux City Community Schools is committed to ensuring our schools are safe and our staff is prepared. To enhance this, in 2017 we moved to a Standard Response Protocol (SRP) called “I Love U Guys”. We feel this protocol will give us the tools to be even more prepared for weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to student and staff safety. In 2021 they changed "Lockout" to "Hold".

Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is based on the response to any given situation not on individual scenarios. Like the Incident Command System (ICS), SRP demands a specific vocabulary but also allows for great flexibility. The premise is simple - these five specific actions that can be performed during an incident. When communicating these, the action is labeled with a "Term of Art" and is then followed by a "Directive." Execution of the action is performed by active participants.

  Hold is followed by the Directive: "In Your Room or Area" and is the protocol used when hallways need to kept clear of occupants.

 Secure is followed by the Directive: "Get Inside. Lock Outside Doors" and is the protocol used to safeguard people within the building.

 Lockdown is followed by "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight" and is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep occupants quiet and in place.

 Evacuate and may be followed by a location, and is used to move people from one location to a different location in or out of the building.

 Shelter  State the Hazard and Safety Strategy for group and self protection.

SRP K12 Student and Parent Handout  [English] [Spanish]

We have several Specialty Teams in the District to further tighten our response systems.  With all working in collaboration, we feel more prepared to handle incidents that may occur during the course of the year.  The following teams have been added and trained:



Safety & Security Team: A team that includes representatives from all building safety teams and meetings quarterly. This team is committed to and responsible for assessing any safety risks that could affect the schools, staff, and students. This group is responsible for safety and security planning, prevention, and disaster preparedness and response.


Parent Reunification Team: If a school would ever be forced to dismiss students from an alternate location, this team would coordinate efforts at the designated Parent Reunification Site.  This District team responds to such an event and coordinates the dismissal procedures and to reunite students with their parents.

District Communication Team: Coordinating all communication efforts to our parents, staff, students and the community.  This includes local media outlets, district website, twitter, facebook, email, phone, etc.


District Crisis Team: Led by our School Counselors, this team assembles any time there is a critical incident. This team is trained to provide trauma mitigation and education in the aftermath of a critical incident.


District Threat Assessment Team: is a group of trained officials that convene to identify, evaluate, and address threats or potential threats to school security. Our Threat Assessment team reviews incidents of threatening behavior by students (current and former), parents, school employees, or other individuals. Threat Assessment Team Flow Chart in PDF - revised 6-27-2018.

In a Real Emergency Situation or a DRILL the School Administration Building will always call 911 in addition to the school building calling 911 just as an added precaution.

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