School Safety

Bullying Prevention



In South Sioux City, we work hard at teaching students strategies on how to deal with others. We empower students to take a stand against bullying behavior. We define bullying and make sure students are aware of what bullying looks like.

Bullying is defined as: “Repeated and unwanted aggressive behavior that occurs over a period of time with an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim.”

- Journal of Safe Management of Disruptive and Assaultive Behavior, March 2012

If you feel like you have experienced bullying or if you have a general incident of concern to report, we encourage you to tell an adult at school or click on this form and report it. Feel free to report incidents using the Let's Talk / Contact Us Link

"C It?, Say It!" is a new campaign we’ve started to help avoid school violence and reassure students that our schools are safe places. Students, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety.

To report suspicious activity, talk to any school official or contact law enforcement. For anonymous reporting please use the Let’s Talk link on the right-hand of the District website or the following link:

Describe specifically what you observed, including:

Who or what you saw;
When you saw it;
Where it occurred; and
Why it's suspicious.

If there is an emergency, call 9–1–1.

For more information please contact a school counselor.

Elementary Counselors:

-Tammy Carson-Cardinal Elementary ()

-Michelle Delperdang-Covington Elementary ()

-Cindy Weis-Dakota City Elementary ()

-Rita Drieling/Cindy Weis-E.N. Swett (; )

-Penny Patrick-Harney Elementary ()

-Rita Drieling-Lewis & Clark Elementary ()

Middle School Counselors:

-Debbie McCloy-Middle School ()

-Kelli Rahn-Middle School ()

-Ryan Vondrak-Middle School ()

High School Counselors:

-Linda Swanson- A-E ()

-Jason Craig- F-Ln ()

-Danielle Panowicz- Lo-Q ()

-Julie Moreau- R-Z ()

Please find more information below on "What is Bullying?" [PDF].

You Have the Power Here are some ways to stand up for yourself:

1. Ignore the person
2. Walk away from the person
3. Stand up as a group
4. Turn insults into compliments (Ex: Insult - "I hate your shirt" Compliment - "Thanks! I like my shirt")
5. Ask questions (Ex: Insult - "I don't like you" Question: "Then why are you talking to me?"
6. Agree (Negative Assertion) Ex: Insult - "You are ugly" Response: "I'm sorry you feel that way"
7. Outcraze the 'crazies' (Ex: Insult - "You don't know anything" Response - "I like bananas")
8. Broken Record (Ex: Insult - "You are dumb" Reponse - "I'm sorry to hear that"
9. Use "I Statements" (Ex: “I feel ______________ when you ______________.” If these strategies fail to keep you from being bullied tell an adult RIGHT AWAY. We are here to help you!


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