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New Assistant Superintendent

The South Sioux City Community School District is pleased to announce the selection of Mrs. Ashley O'Dell to the position of Assistant Superintendent.  O’Dell has held multiple leadership roles in the district and has an impressive list of accomplishments. School Board approval is expected at the April 12 regular board meeting.


O’Dell is currently the Principal at South Sioux City High School, a role she has held since   2018.  O’Dell has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Dakota and a Masters Degree in Education from Wayne State College.  She completed her Educational Specialist (EdS) degree in School Administration and Education Leadership,  through Wayne State College.  O’Dell is a South Sioux City alumni  and started her teaching career at the high school in 2009 as a Physical Education teacher with coaching responsibilities.  In addition to teaching, she was the Head Girls Basketball Coach from 2011 to 2014.  She decided to relinquish her coaching duties when she was hired as a High School Assistant Principal in 2014.  


“We are excited to have a dynamic leader such as Ashley join our exceptional cabinet-level leadership team,” Superintendent Todd Strom said.  Strom says, “Mrs. Odell brings with her exceptional personal character, curriculum and instructional expertise, awareness of district programs, exemplary organizational  skills, perceptual awareness and emotional intelligence.  She has proven team building and relationship building experience combined with an intrinsic motivation to learn. These attributes have enabled her to succeed at each level of her career. Mrs. Odell’s accomplishments as a student/athlete, teacher, coach and principal have prepared her for this new leadership role. Ashley brings a significant amount of institutional and community knowledge with her to the position, as her life experiences, with the exception of her college years, have been and continue to be dedicated to succeeding and serving others as a loyal South Sioux City Cardinal! I am excited to see the expanded positive impact she can have in our district and community as our Assistant Superintendent!”


The Assistant Superintendent position has been unfilled since Mr. Strom held the position prior to being named Superintendent in January of 2017.  O’Dell will start her new position on July 1st, 2021.  O’Dell and her husband Alex live in South Sioux CIty and have two children in the school district. A search for a new high school principal and transition plans are currently under development.  The District wants to make the transition as smooth and uninterrupted as possible and wishes Mrs. Odell the best in her new role.