Maintenance Dept

Brian Henningfeld

South Sioux City School District

H.V.A.C Division


H.V.A.C. Mission Statement

The H.V.A.C. Division’s mission is to safely maintain and repair all climate control systems for all students, teachers and community through the use of an internally developed preventive maintenance and repair program that is constantly monitored for efficient performance thru the collection of data in the work order system.
H.V.A.C Division Response Team

• Service and repair heating, cooling and ventilation equipment 
• Respond to and correct Air Quality concerns
• Perform preventative maintenance on H.V.A.C. equipment
• Monitor and maintain appropriate chemical levels for cooling towers
• Maintain and repair as needed cooling towers and associated pumps and compressors

The South Sioux City School District’s HVAC Division primary function is to maintain and receive the HVAC equipment within facilities from a work order based system. Work orders are received and prioritized in three basic categories

• HVAC interruptions and safety
• Responds to interruptions due to equipment failure
• Perform preventive maintenance to maintain the integrity of the HVAC system

In addition to daily work order activities the HVAC Division performs preventive maintenance related tasks.

• Annual checks and repairs of heating/cooling equipment
• Annual check and repair of exhaust fans/ventilation equipment
• Annual lube change of cooling towers and gear drives
• Semi- annual cleaning of cooling towers
• Semi-annual coil cleaning of district hillers and roof tops

Hours: Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For after-hours service please call 712-898-3229