Covington Elementary

Reading/Language Arts

Summer Reading Program:

Reading road trip parent letter

Reading road trip map

Reading road trip stops

For our ‘At-Home Reading Program’ this year, students will be making their way through Covingtonland to help save Sir Candy from the wicked Lady Licorice. Students will earn a ‘Sweet Treat Celebration’ each month if they bring their reading sheets back 3 or 4 Thursdays out of the month. Each month of participation will earn them a spot closer to the end goad of catching Lady Licorice and being a part of the Grand Celebration at the end of the year. Look for a new reading sheet to come home each Thursday and return the following Thursday. Sign the sheet each time a student reads at home. It’s as easy as pie! If you'd like to watch the assembly, you can click on these links. 

First part             Second Part              Third Part